Sunday, July 3, 2011

The ZoxSo World Championship Trophy

The trophy base is completed! 

Well, the 2011 ZoxSo Open World Championship trophy is very near to completion...

... I picked up the completed wood base assembly from my friend Joe Ulman today, and I must say that he has completely outdone himself.  What an incredibly talented craftsman Joe is!

Check out the following pictures while I summarize them:

The ZoxSo World Championship Trophy nearing completion.

Shown in the above image is the entire wood structure of the trophy, sans ornamentation. The lower base, center plaque platform, and upper platform level are all made of Santos Mahogany. 

The octagonal shaped columns are all made of Cherry, all of the dark base pedestals as well as the top tier octagon-shaped cap are made of Dark Indian Rosewood, and the railing and posts on the upper platform level are made of solid brass.

The finishing details that remain to be added, once I complete them, are: 

1) An engraved brass championship title plaque on the lower level, to be mounted in the center;
2) The hand-painted, metal-leafed, foiled, and resin coated ZoxSo orb ornament shown in my previous post, that will go atop the center column and octagonal Dark Rosewood cap;
3) Two handmade ornaments that will be mounted on small columns on the Rosewood pedestals that are on either side of the top tier column and ornament (not shown).

When finished, this very special trophy will stand approximately 28 inches tall, and will most likely weigh over twenty pounds.

I can barely contain my excitement to put the final touches on this trophy gem, and to share the final images with all of you!

I will be even more excited to award this handmade creation to the First Place Winner of the 2011 ZoxSo Open World Championship Tournament on Saturday, August 13th!

As a reminder, please remember to visit  for the dates and times of all ZoxSo demos, beginner's tournaments, and the 2011 Open World Championship taking place at the Dragonflight Game Convention from the 12th through the 14th of August, 2011.

Until later... Ciao.

-- deMarcus

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