Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The 2011 ZoxSo Open World Championship

We're really moving along ...

Things are coming together for the 2011 ZoxSo Open World Championship Tournament, taking place on Saturday August 13th at the Bellevue Hilton during the Dragonflight Game Convention in Bellevue, Washington.

Here are some highlights: 

ZoxSo trophy's upper column and ornament
-- My friend Joe Ulman and I are building a cool (read, "really fabulous") World Championship Trophy for this event, and it is nearing completion.  Joe is doing all of the wood fabrication, while I am doing the added ornaments for the upper tier of the Trophy, as well as other elements.

-- Joe is an engineer by profession, and an absolutely amazing wood craftsman.  Without Joe's design and fabrication skills, the ZoxSo World Championship Trophy would be nothing like what it is currently shaping up to be.  To the right is an image of the upper portion, and what you can see is summarized by the following description of the work in progress of the top ornament and center column assembly:

-- The photo shows the unfinished, hand-painted, foiled, and leafed ZoxSo "orb" ornament, with brass fittings attached, and perched atop a dark Rosewood octagonal platform which is mounted on a Cherry wood column, on a square dark Rosewood pedestal.  This entire upper center assembly stands almost 14 inches tall, and will be mounted on the topmost portion of a large base and platform assembly with two lower columns and pedestals (using dark Rosewood, Cherry, Mahogany and solid brass), and with additional ornamentation along with a solid brass engraved World Championship plaque.  The entire height of the finished trophy will most likely be about 28 inches tall.

-- The completed ZoxSo 2011 Open World Championship Trophy will be on display during the Dragonflight Game Convention, so that potential victors may salivate over it, dream of winning it, and make plans to build an appropriate display venue for it at home.  Perhaps they'll want to add an entirely new wing onto the house:  A trophy gallery addition which will do justice to this magnificent testament of their ZoxSo mastery!

But I digress.
-- More about ZoxSo at Dragonflight:
Our amazing Artist for the ZoxSo board and piece images, Raven Mimura, will be making a special guest appearance for signing and "schmoozing" on the day of the main event (Saturday August 13th 2011), as well as hanging out here and there a little bit during the convention.

-- We would like to thank the organizers of the Dragonflight Game Convention, who have been doing everything they can to welcome us, and to accommodate us into their space and the convention schedule as smoothly and efficiently as absolutely possible.

-- And special thanks goes to Ralph Shelton, organizer and coordinator for Dragonflight Game Convention Events!

-- We're scheduling the main event and playoff on Saturday as follows:

ZoxSo Main Tournament: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
ZoxSo Championship Playoff: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Any ZoxSo overtime play, awards, demos & open-play: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

See   http://www.dragonflight.org/reg/Events.asp  for the times of all ZoxSo demos, beginner events, and the Open World Championship. 

* Entry into this special event is free with your paid convention registration. 

* First Place prizes will include:
  •      The title of 2011 ZoxSo World Champion
  •      The "fabulous" ZoxSo 2011 World Championship Trophy
  •      Gift cards from The Game Matrix store
  •      A signed, Deluxe ZoxSo set

* Note that prizes will be awarded to the top-quarter finishers of the field in the tournament.

* ZoxSo is a fast-paced mix of fierce placement and clash of forces for two players, ages 10 and up. To win in ZoxSo, you must either "Capture the Throne," or capture your opponent's “Xing” (Dragon-Crown Emperor).

* The games are quick, explosive, and totally decisive!

* The rules of ZoxSo are quite easy to pick up, and there will be demos and beginner tournaments during the Con to help you learn, and to help prepare you for the main event.

* Come to enjoy playing against others, and to revel in honing your ZoxSo skills! 

* It’s time to get ready! 

So once again, here's a free PDF download of the ZoxSo rules and placement strategy tips that will help you to bring out your inner ZoxSo Master!

* Also, check out the following web sites for future info about this premier event:

http://mindspanlabs.blogspot.com/  ...and of course,

Please send inquiries about ZoxSo to:  david@mindspanlabs.com

We hope to see you all there, and please stay tuned for more info!

Ciao for now...

-- deMarcus, 6.29.2011

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