Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Thinket: Spectrum

"Quantum-Ripple Generator," or mere stress-reliever?

Okay, okay... I should joke around less when describing products on my own web site, because oftentimes people will think that I'm totally serious when I'm not... well, not completely anyway.

First of all, I'll be blatantly self-serving here in mentioning the newest planned addition to the Thinket family by showing you this image of the Thinket Spectrum:

I'm hoping to have it up on my web site soon; perhaps in time for the holidays, even though they are almost upon us. But I must warn you that The Thinket Spectrum will be pricey, as the titanium coating and Opalite and Blue Goldstone heads add quite a pretty penny to the cost of production.

But I digress.

So, now I'd like to point out that all versions of The Thinket are highly effective stress relievers, and that the "Quantum-Ripple Generator" back-story theme of the device is presented mostly in a tongue-in-cheek manner on my web site, as-well-as in the pamphlet that comes with the retail product.

For the most part, I invented The Thinket (it is patent-pending, by the way) for people like me who often "think with their hands" for lack of a better phrase. I also created it because it's a highly effective (and compellingly addictive) hand-held stress reliever that seems to be well suited to anyone who fidgets, or who has issues with learning and activity difficulties due to Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, OCD, or simply anyone who becomes easily anxious.

In fact, the son of a friend of mine has Asperger's and he simply loves playing with The Thinket!

As for myself, I use it quite often and get a great deal of positive effects out of it in a variety of situations, both social and otherwise.

Why, not two weeks ago during a dental appointment I used The Thinket while a crown was being put onto a particularly difficult rear molar of mine, and it really helped let me tell you!

During that appointment my dental assistant told me that she thought The Thinket would be an excellent addition to the normal complement of accessories that they usually offered to anxious patients in order to calm them down. But she probably just told me that to calm me down!

The Thinket is also a nifty little hand therapy device for people who've had hand surgery, and it also works nicely as a finger strengthening device that is great for improving ambidexterity for people who need it (such as all manner of professionals like: investors, musicians, magicians, card sharps, rice grain painters, 3-Card Monte hucksters, and yes even finger-puppeteers, to name just a few examples).

Check out this new video of the Thinket Spectrum on YouTube:  

Seriously though, I've had college students and technical-school students tell me that it helps to "set" their memory of data while studying technical texts, and ex-smokers have told me that it helps to calm them down somewhat when they're experiencing cravings.

I'd like to note here that, even though interacting with a Thinket will in fact alter your path in space-time, so will making your significant other angry at you.

As an aside I'd like to mention that, whenever I am playing speed chess (or my game ZoxSo) with a particularly difficult opponent who is giving me fits over the board, I take out a Thinket and fidget with it quietly and out of sight so as to absorb my nervous energy... in those instances it calms me down a great deal and I play a much stronger game.

Is it merely self-fulfilling prophecy psychology? Probably... but the fact is that it gives me a bit of an edge, and it really seems to work.

Anyway, one just has to hold The Thinket and fiddle with it to understand the beneficial effects that it very often has on a person. Mind you, I certainly realize that not everyone takes to this cool device, but a lot of people really do.

Oh by the way, lest I forget to mention it, The Thinket is Made in the USA!

So, Ciao for now, and... "Keep On Disbelieving On."

-- deMarcus

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